ABS Chrome Plated Prototypes
  • ABS Chrome Plated Prototypes
  • Project Overview:

    Prototyping Process: CNC Machining
    Prototyping Material: Plastic ABS
    Surface Finishing: Sanding, Polishing, High Gloss Chrome Plating
    Prototype Tolerance: ± 0.1 mm
    Lead Time: 7 Days

    This is an urgent project, India customer needs to get the prototypes within 7 days including the shipping time from Shenzhen to New Delhi before our upcoming CNY holidays when placed the purchase order. To get high quality glossy chrome plating finishing, hand polishing is a very important and time-consuming step for this project. Our production team works hard for each manufacturing detail to ensure the best quality though facing the pressing delivery time.

CNC ABS prototyping
CNC mahcined ABS prototype

Step 1: CNC ABS prototyping. Parts were CNC machined as fine as possible to get not only the high accuracy and more importantly the very smooth machined part surface that could greatly reduce the next hand sanding and polishing time to save the production cost and manufacturing time.
Step 2: CNC precision machined parts. Each machined and then deburred part was carefully checked for its tolerance and shape before the next hand sanding and polishing step, the substandard pieces were sorted out for repair or being remade immediately.

Step 3: Surface finishing of hand sanding and polishing. Surface finishing was the most critical step for these appearance prototypes manufacturing, our highly experienced polishers worked hard to carefully hand sand and polish each part and detail.
Sanding Prototypes
Gloss polished prototypes

High gloss chrome plated prototypes
Chrome plated glossy prototypes
Step 4: Finished high gloss chrome plated ABS prototypes for delivery and India customer received the prototypes on time. Surface Finishing became one of the most critical factors that greatly affected the prototype quality also the prototype factory's capability when prototyping tolerance was not the challenge in China.

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