Aluminum Hard Anodized and Painted Parts
  • Aluminum Hard Anodized and Painted Parts
  • Project Overview:

    Manufacturing Process: CNC Machining
    Material: Aluminum 6061-T6
    Surface Finishing: Tapping M8, Laser Engraving, Hard Anodizing, Glossy Painting
    Manufacturing Tolerance: ± 0.05 mm
    Quantity: 50 Pieces
    Lead Time: 12 Days

    The customer was an Australian company and ordered this 50 aluminum parts for their fluid system. Painting three different glossy colors of red, black and blue only on the laser engraved logo was the key challenge of this project. In addition, compared to common aluminum anodizing, aluminum hard anodizing provided much stronger abrasion and corrosion resistance, so this surface finishing was usually applied for mechanical parts with high abrasion & corrosion resistance required.

Manufacturing Step By Step:

Step 1: CNC machining the aluminum parts. Strong cutting capability and reasonable cutting tool path were the two crucial factors to get a quality machined part that had tight tolerance, smooth surface and the shortest milling time possibly. An ABS fixture was applied to assist the CNC aluminum milling.

Aluminum CNC Machining
Aluminum CNC Milling

CNC milled aluminum parts
Aluminum laser engraved and hard anodized parts

Step 2: The low volume CNC milled aluminum parts. The smooth milled surface reduced or sometimes even avoided the hand sanding for removing the cutting lines, which cut down the manufacturing time and cost, also ensured closer tolerance.
Step 3: The tapped, laser engraved and hard anodized aluminum parts. The hard anodizing finish also delivered the electric insulation capability as well as the better adhesiveness to the other coatings such as painting did at the next step.

Gloss colors painted parts
Packaging parts for delivery

Step 4: The three different glossy colors of Red, Black and Blue painted on the Logo. Painting different glossy colors on the same one surface was the main challenge for this project, it required not only the excellent color matching and painting capability and also the highly experienced surface finishing skills.
Step 5: Packaging the finished parts for delivery. Each part was quality checked and then carefully packaged by foam bag for safe transportation, then put them all in a custom wooden box for shipping by usually air express that took about two or three days to get to the most nations and regions around the world.

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