Quality Appearance Prototype Manufacturing
  • Quality Appearance Prototype Manufacturing
  • Project Overview:

    Prototype Manufacturing Process: CNC Machining
    Prototyping Material: Clear PMMA (acrylic), ABS, Standard Components
    Surface Finishing: Sanding, Mirror Polishing, Painting, Silk-screening, UV Coating
    Quantity: 50 Units
    Lead Time: 15 Days

    This smart product was developed by a top brand internet company in China to improve the driving experience and safety by recording the automobile's complete driving information and alarming in case of emergency or error happened. The Customer had very high expectations for the prototypes and wanted the finished prototypes to not only perform as intended but also look as desired as possible, so the surface finishing quality was the key challenge and different kinds of surface finishing processes and details were applied for this project.

Project Challenge:

Since the multi types of surface finishing processes including sanding, painting, mirror polishing, silk-screening and UV coating were applied for the prototypes, it required the excellent surface finishing capabilities and experience, also the strong attention to each detail that would considerably affect the final finishing quality.

CNC Prototyping:

CNC milling the top and bottom covers made of clear acrylic (PMMA) that would be mirror polished and UV coated. Those parts were milled as fine as possible to help reduce the sanding and polishing time also get tight tolerance. In addition, the cutting feed and speed of milling acrylic were different to milling the other common plastics since its material properties of high brittleness.

CNC acrylic machining

CNC machined PMMA parts
CNC machined ABS parts

CNC milled and polished PMMA covers. It must be careful to hand sand and polish the PMMA parts, especially the thin ones, or the parts would probably crack since its high material brittleness as well as CNC milling the PMMA parts.
CNC ABS milled and assembled middle frames. The middle frames consisted of two small parts, PCB and other components were placed inside them. The surface finishing for middle frames were sanding, matte colors painting and silk-screening.

Presentation Prototype Making
Visual Prototype Making

The finished prototypes. The final surface finishing UV coating for the clear PMMA covers delivered not only the attractive high glossy appearance and also a good protection for the clear PMMA covers to resist scratches and keep transparency.
The majority of exported prototypes made in China were functional ones for fitting test, some visual prototypes were delivered without the surface finishing done even just simple painting. At Honkia, we had also delivered the high quality appearance prototypes that exceeded the customer's expectations worldwide.

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