Quality Appearance Prototype Manufacturing
  • Quality Appearance Prototype Manufacturing
  • Project Overview:

    Rapid Prototyping Process: CNC Machining
    Prototyping Material: Clear PMMA (acrylic), ABS
    Surface Finishing: Mirror Polishing, Colors Painting, Silk-screening, UV-coating
    Quantity: 50 units
    Lead Time: 15 Days

    This intelligent product is developed by a very famous top brand internet company in China to improve the driving safety and experience by recording the car’s entire driving information and situation and alarming in case of emergency or error. The surface quality of this product is very crucial, so for the prototype manufacturing, the customer highlights the importance of surface finishing for the prototype and requests us to do our best to meet their surface finishing requirement and expectation as possible as we can.

Project Challenge:

Surface Finishing was the key challenge for this project as this product belonged to luxury item, so it required high quality and attractive appearance for the product. For the prototype manufacturing, must pay strong attention to every detail of each surface finishing process applied, and this required highly experienced surface finishing capability.

CNC Prototyping:

CNC clear acrylic machining of the top and bottom cover parts. To get high tolerance and smooth machined surface for reducing the next hand sanding and mirror polishing time, the parts were machined as fine as possible. In addition, the cutting feed and speed for acrylic machining was different from the other common plastics for its material properties of brittleness.

CNC acrylic machining

CNC machined PMMA parts
CNC machined ABS parts

CNC PMMA machined and polished transparent cover parts. The surface finishing processes applied for these outer parts included: mirror polishing, silk-screening and UV-Coating that were the crucial steps to decide the appearance quality.
CNC ABS machined and sanded middle frame parts. The middle frame consisted of two small pieces and then were matt colors painted and content silk-screened. The PCB and other electronic components were placed inside the frame.

Quality appearance model
Quality visual prototype

The finished prototypes. When the product designers saw and tested the arrived prototypes, they said to us: “It is really amazing for the appearance quality you achieved, it is nearly perfect and what we exactly design and expect. Thank you all for the help!”
The majority of exported prototypes or parts made in China were functional ones for mechanism verification, some visual prototypes were made and delivered without the final surface finishing even just the simple painting, actually we could also manufacture high quality appearance prototypes not only functional ones.

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