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  • Project Overview:

    Rapid Prototyping Process: CNC Machining
    Prototyping Material: ABS, Polyoxymethylene (POM), Standard Components
    Surface Finishing: Sanding, Painting, Polishing, Chrome Plating, Silk-screening
    Quantity: 1 Piece
    Lead Time: 7 Days

    The customer specialized in the design, development and sales of kitchenware products, located in Chongqing, an inland city in mainland China. This prototype was fabricated for presentation in an upcoming exhibition to show and promote its new developed product before its mass volume manufacturing by injection molding, so the customer had a strict requirement for the prototype quality, and the finished prototype had to perform and look like the end product as close as possible.

How the Prototype Was Made:

CNC precision milled ABS and POM components. Compared to the additive manufacturing technologies of SLA and SLS for rapid prototyping, CNC milling had the key advantages of target material, tight tolerance and smooth built surface, so CNC milled prototype could deliver more reliable mechanism and strength verification, as well as normally the cheaper manufacturing cost, this was why CNC milling was still the first prototyping method in China especially for the functional prototype manufacturing though more and more AM technologies were developed and used for rapid prototyping and manufacturing around the world.

CNC milled inner components

machined and assembled inner parts
prototype sub-assembly

Functional testing of the milled inner components. For CNC milling the prototype with complex geometry , it was normally split  into two or more simple pieces to be milled respectively and then glued them on together to save the manufacturing cost and time, such as the ABS tube one was milled in this way.
Prototype assembly testing. The standard components were provided by customer or purchased from market. We offered free assembly testing service and the free reasonable suggestion in case of assembly issue to save the time.

high gloss chrome plating
finished prototype

Finished Prototype. The high gloss chrome plating was the most crucial surface finishing directly affecting the prototype appearance quality, the surface been chrome plated must be mirror polished to get the quality chrome plating finishing.
"The prototype performed and looked well in the exhibition, it attracted the interest and widely positive comments from the market and potential buyers, now we are discussing its mass production” said the product engineer.

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