Our Story
Our Story

Andy KeWhen graduated from the college Hubei University of Education with Business English major in 2007, Mr. Andy Ke came to Shenzhen, a young and dynamic city in southern mainland China and adjacent to Hong Kong, to begin his employment career. "I like Shenzhen, it is a very young city full of vitality and opportunity, so I come here without hesitation after my graduation". said Mr. Andy.

“During the studying in my college, I am gradually full of increasingly curiosity and interest for the outside world that is somehow different from the conventional way I know and perceive in my past time, such as the different ways of thinking and social cultures. At that time I have a strong desire and dream of global traveling to look out of the window and expand my horizons ” Said Mr. Andy.

For nearly one decade of working and living in Shenzhen, Mr. Andy worked in several factories including one westerner owned as the English translator, assistant of general manager, project coordinator, sales representative and sales division manager, including the work of cleaning office, packaging goods, taking part in international exhibition, negotiating with clients for solutions, going to Indonesia for after sale service, participating in technical discussion and assistance, building and managing sales division, etc.

Thanks to those years of working experience in Made in China and global business, Mr. Andy met and worked with lots of people from different countries and industries. More importantly, it helped Andy clearly understand what the customers exactly need, care and expect when they do business with China, and do know what should and could be done and changed for Made in China to better help the customers. The inrooted perceptions of bad quality, lagging technologies, hard communication, lack of integrity and responsibility for Chinese suppliers still made some people feel stressed to consider and try Made in China.

Mr. Andy had tried to do something and made the efforts when working in the factories to improve something for better working with the global customers, and it didn't work. For the strong desire of providing something new and different to those who really want to purchase form China and possibly changing some people's perceptions for Made in China that it could be not only cheap and fast but also quality and comfortable, Mr. Andy founded his own company Honkia Prototype specializing in rapid prototyping and low volume manufacturing for product development.

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