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Applications of ASA reaction injection molding

Source: Honkia Prototype   Published: 2016-12-16   Views: 643

ASA resin can be processed by most traditional manufacturing methods, these include profile and sheet extrusion and coextrusion, injection molding, structural foam molding and extrusion blow molding. The blow molding should be carried out in an grooved, cooled and thermally insulated feed extruder. ASA resin has good mechanical property, heat and chemical resistance, impact and UV resitance, processing performance.   

ASA resin and PVC together can produce color plastic profiles with rich and stable color. ASA not only can resist 20 degrees higher than PVC, but also can maintain 75 percent impact resistance even at -30 degrees. In the future, people can develop the extrusion profiles with ASA surface and inner layer of ABS, which has better resistance. 

There are various applications of ASA reaction injection molding. ASA resin is mostly used for traffic vehicles, such as radiators, lights, car panels and so on. Some are applied in electrical field, mainly for instrument housings, electrical switches, freezers. ASA resin also can be used for industrial products, construction materials, mainly for boat processing, helmet caps, suitcases, road signs and various signs and so on.

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