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Can thermosetting plastic be used for reaction injection molding

Source: Honkia Prototype   Published: 2016-09-01   Views: 517

Can thermosetting plastic be used for reaction injection molding? How about the specific process? And what is the difference between thermosetting plastic and thermoplastics? Yes, thermosetting plastic cab be used for reaction injection molding, but it is different from ordinary thermoplastic. After melting the thermosetting materials and then inject them into the mould for cooling. At present,85 percent of thermosetting plastics can be obtained by the method of reaction injection molding.

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Features of thermosetting plastic reaction injection molding:

1. Thermosetting plastic should be the lowest viscosity in the molten state in the reaction injection molding machine.

2. Because there are 40 percent filler of thermosetting plastic, friction is big. Reaction injection molding pressure should increase half that will be consumed on the frictional resistance of the gating system.

3. Thermosetting injection material will resulting in condense water and low molecular gases in the curing reaction. So the cavity should have a good exhaust structure, otherwise bubbles and flow marks will remain on the surface of the reaction injection molding workpiece.

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