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Effect of mold temperature on reaction injection molding

Source: Honkia Prototype   Published: 2016-08-18   Views: 261

Mold temperature is the temperature measured in the mold cavity. For different molding material, structure and manufacturing efficiency, mold is required appropriate temperature to ensure the quality and production requirements of plastic parts, especially the production of large quantities of plastic mold. It is strict for mold temperature regulation and control system.

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Mold temperature is the most important factor of reaction injection molding. No matter what kind of plastic injection molding, we must ensure the mold surface moist. A hot mold surface make the plastic surface remain liquid long enough to form pressure in the cavity. If the cavity is filled and freeze before the hardening of the surface, cavity pressure can press the flexible plastic on the metal. On the other hand, if the plastic suspend injecting into the cavity under low pressure, no matter how short the time, that will cause stain even light contact with the metal.

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