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How to enhance the reaction injection molding of polyurethanes

Source: Honkia Prototype   Published: 2016-11-07   Views: 375

The reaction injection molding of polyurethanes is the earliest to be developed, which is greatly economic. So far, the production of polyurethane has increased 25% -40% per year. Due to the good performance, polyurethanes has been widely used in various fields.

In order to improve the elastic modulus of the polyurethane reaction injection molding products, enhanced materials like carbon fiber, glass, nylon, lignin fiber these firber and mica, silica, calcium carbonate these mineral substance are used as a component of the raw materials. They will be added into A or B components through the high-pressure metering device. By the mixing head, they will be mixed well and then injected into the mold for curing. The equipment of reinforced reaction injection molding and reaction injection molidng is almost the same. But reinforced reaction injection molding need reinforced materials to increase liquid viscosity, which will wear the metering pump more easily. So auxiliary equipment is necessary.

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