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The Features of Structural Reaction Injection Molding

Source: Honkia Prototype   Published: 2016-05-26   Views: 331

The most often used material of Structural Reaction Injection Molding is two-component polyurethane. The reinforced material is glass fiber which is formed by hot-pressing method or preformed. Since using glass fiber as the reinforced material, Structural Reaction Injection Molding process need not to add other reinforced material to resins. The equipment is still standard RIM metering mixing device, which is high pressure metering casting machine. Glass fiber is used by thermoforming equipment.

Reaction Injection Molding Material

Typically, the reinforced SRIM parts made from glass fiber can get greater mechanical strength, thus SRIM is widely used to manufacture structural parts, such as coat rack, instrument panel, door frame and so on. Because of its low manufacturing cost of the mold, it is suitable for low volumn production.

RIM factory China

In general, SRIM technology has most features of RRIM such as low pressure molding, low shrinkage products. However, the products made from glass fiber has rough surface so that it can not be used on exterior parts.

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