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How to balance the Quality and Cost for rapid custom manufacturing service

Source: Honkia Prototype   Published: 2017-03-23   Views: 38

Quality and Cost are the top 2 concerns for customers all the time when purchasing products, especially from China, someone more care about price and delivery time, someone more care about quality and service, of course nearly all the purchasers, including us, wants good quality, cheap price, fast delivery and excellent service. However, sometimes it is a big challenge to meet them all, good quality normally means high price, so how to balance them well when budget is very limited?

As a rapid custom manufacturing service - Rapid Prototyping and Low Volume Manufacturing, the factors affecting the product's quality and cost usually include: raw material, manufacturing process, technicians and enterprise management.

Firstly, the used raw material sometimes can big influence the product's quality and cost, even for the same material with different types that have the obvious difference at visual appearance or mechanical function despite of the different material cost, such as the CNC aluminum milled and anodized part.


Secondly, the manufacturing process also greatly affects the part's quality and cost. For instance, one part could be fabricated by CNC machining, also Vacuum Casting or SLA 3D printing, but CNC process has the advantages of tight tolerance, reliable material property, stable shape and cheap material cost. However CNC normally takes more time than vacuum casting or SLA as well as the manufacturing cost.

Thirdly, an excellent technician with rich experience in practice could ensure not only the manufacturing quality, reduce production cost and time, but also offer professional and reasonable improvement suggestions when necessary to make sure the part manufactured at low cost, good quality, reliable function and fast delivery.


Fourthly, enterprise management plays an increasingly important role to influence the product's quality. Some manufacturers are enough competent to make the product at good quality, but the unreasonable enterprise management leads to the product manufactured not at the best quality that should can be done, sometimes even at poor quality.

Therefore, for rapid custom manufacturing service, good quality means more investment, including using good material, applying more reliable manufacturing process, hiring excellent technicians, implementing efficient enterprise management, and all of those increase the manufacturing cost to the product.

mechnical assembly prototype

Then how to balance the quality and cost well if the budget very tight? The key point could be considered is what the main function of the product is? Mechanical assembly? Size stability? Visual appearance? Material property? and so on, then can find the best solution based on its main function. For instance, the main function of the manufactured product is mechanical assembly, then can choose the CNC machining process and use material with easy milling, good size stability and cheap cost, in this case, it can not only meet the mechanical assembly well, and also reduce the production cost as much as possible, so it reach a good balance between the quality and cost.

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