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Know about feeding system of injection molding machine

Source: Honkia Prototype   Published: 2016-08-26   Views: 676

Due to the limited capacity of plasticizing of injection machine screw, pellets are generally used. If using recycled materials, they must be crushed first and then for injection. As for powder materials, they also need to be pelletized before use. Small and middle sized injection molding machine are generally for manual feeding, and large injection molding machines need automatic feeding system because of its high body. There are three common automatic feeding systems as following:

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1. Blast feeding system

It makes use of wind to blow plastic into the pipes, and then by a cyclone provided in the hopper.

2. Spring automatic feeding system

It is made of steel wire that placed in a rubber pipe. With a motor to driven high speed rotation axial and centrifugal force, the material will be lifted under these forces. When the plastic reaches the feed opening, they will get into the hopper due to centrifugal force.

3. Vacuum feeding system

This is one of the most used on the feeding device. During operation, the vacuum pump can make small hopper into vacuum by a vacuum filter. Then the material can get into the small hopper through the feed pipe. When the small material in the hopper stores a certain amount, the vacuum pump stops feeding, then sealed cone opens. Plastic will get into big hopper. When finished feed, the sealed cone will lift up to make the small hopper closed. Micro switch will be on and the vacuum pump will work again and so on.

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