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Parameters of PVC Injection Molding Process

Source: Honkia Prototype   Published: 2016-08-23   Views: 257

PVC has various forms so that it can be processed by different methods such as pressing, extrusion, injection, coating. Hard PVC has good mechanical strength, weather resistance and fire resistance, which can be used for manufacturing pipes and injection molding products. By injection molding process, PVC can be made into many kinds of molds like plastic sandals, shoes, slippers, toys, auto parts and so on.

There are several injection molding process parameters of PVC.

                Parameters                 HPVC                 SPVC
                cylinder temperature/                 rear                 170180                 160170
                middle                 175190                 165180
                front                 180200                 170190
                nozzle temperature/                 170190                 160180
                mold temperature/                 3060                 2040
                injection pressure/MPa                 80130                 60110

PVC Injection Molding

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