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PPO can be used for reaction injection molding products

Source: Honkia Prototype   Published: 2016-11-21   Views: 345

PPO is the same as phenylene oxide, its molding temperature is 260-290 degrees, drying conditions is 130 degrees for 4 hours. PPO is white particles with good performance that can be used in the 120 degree steam. It also has good electrical insulation and low water absorption. So PPO is suitable for the production of reaction injection molding parts, heat-resistant parts, insulation parts, wear-resistant parts, transmission parts, medical parts.

Though PPO has poor anti-chemical performance, it can be used for various reaction injection molding products. Becuase it has good processing stability ( can be manufactured into machine shell, motor cover, water meter), excellent mechanical properties ( can be used for cars dashboard, goggle housing, wheel cover, rear windshield ), high heat resistance, self-extinguishing performance, good water resistance, good electrical characteristics ( can be used for connectors, switches, timer shell, cameras, rectifier shell, TV, computers, photocopiers ).

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