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Reaction Injection Molding Technology of Epoxy Resin

Source: Honkia Prototype   Published: 2016-06-01   Views: 348

Reaction injection molding of epoxy resin is similar to thermoplastics injection molding process. First, put the liquid epoxy resin into the barrel and then mix them completely. After the mixture meets the requirements, Put the mould on the injection molding machine, control the injection temperature and pressure, and then the mixture is injected into the mould cavity. Move the pressure vessel that contains injection materials to the injection machine, inject drying gas to the barrel at the same time. After adjusting the injection time, temperature and pressure, it can be injected. In general, reaction injection molding can be done within 10 minutes. Though time is short, the whole process need accurate control of injection pressure, mold temperature and mold opening time.

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Epoxy RIM technology has many advantages. It can greatly improve the quality of epoxy resin product. The main reason is that the temperature of mixture is lower than the mould of reaction injection molding process. Since it is slowly solidified at the center of the mould, the injection nozzle can inject materials to the mould during the whole solidified process to solve the shrinkage problem. Thus we can obtain epoxy products with accuracy dimensional and high quality surface. It not only has good mechanical property but also has good electrical property.

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