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The process of reaction injection molding

Source: Honkia Prototype   Published: 2016-05-09   Views: 404

Reaction injection molding (RIM) process injects the mixed bi-component liquid polyurethanes into the mold and make it form into the part. When start to inject the mixed polyurethane, the machine will automatically switch ratio mode. In this case, the pump will accurately send the liquid polyurethane to mixing head with certain volume, ratio, flow rate and temperature. Followed by high pressure, these chemicals will be mixed and injected into the mold and the mold will be accompanied with continuing exothermic reaction. While dealing with the foam, coatings must be able to withstand the enormous forces to ensure the integrity of components. Depending on the size, expansion rate and density requirements of the parts, it can add some other paintings according to the requirements.

Reaction Injection Molding Process

Reaction injection molding process has been widely used in many industries for various products in the past 20 years, including construction of doors, windows and decorative wood products; interior parts, such as the automotive industry in the steering wheel, dashboards; military and aerospace applications; as well as other household appliances; the electronics industry of computer chassis.

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