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What Does Vacuum Casting Factory Do?

Source: Honkia Prototype   Published: 2016-12-07   Views: 395

Vacuum Casting (Polyurethane Casting) is well known as low volume prototyping. Vacuum casting factory refers to the production under vacuum of plastic or rubber components from silicon rubber moulds. Depending on the requirements of the specified application, it generates parts and prototypes with numerous benefits. Parts production using the vacuum casting are dimensionally accurate, precise replicas of the original pattern with shape, texture and feature.

Preferred Applications:

Prosthetic and medical devices

Automotive and aerospace parts

Part integration and function testing

Production of plastic prototype parts for a range of industries, including consumer goods

Decorative objects, such as wall plaques or short run custom ornaments

Product marketing before manufacturing process

Vacuum Casting process

Designed to emulate most thermoplastics in look, feel, color and physical properties, vacuum casting resins have features like high heat resistance, flame retardant and UV stability. This range allows us to closely match the production intent materials. The vacuum casting process is ideal for projects with tight budget contrl and short lead time, the cast parts can easily be painted to match the existing sample or reference for various visual finishes such as the color, gloss and textures.


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