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What is epoxy resin casting

Source: Honkia Prototype   Published: 2016-07-14   Views: 579

Epoxy resin casting is a process that cast epoxy resin, curing agents and other materials into the mold by crosslinking of thermoplastic fluid process. Due to its excellent electrical and mechanical properties, epoxy resin casting has been widely used for electrical industry.

Epoxy resin casting can be devided into different types according to different process methods. 

epoxy resin casting

From the method of material molding, it can be divided into casting and injection. Casting refers to material fluid into the mold. It consist of atmospheric casting and vacuum casting. Injection means the material inject into the mold under external pressure, and in order to force feeding, during the curing process the material, a certain external pressure is still needed. It has developed into automatic pressure pressurized gel method from simple pressurized gel method in the past. 

From curing temperature, it can be divided into normal temperature and high temperature casting method. Selection of normal or high temperature casting is determined by the feature of casting materials. The difference is the required temperature during curing process. 

From curing speed, it can be divided into ordinary curing method and rapid curing method.  Ordinary curing method needs even a few dozen hours, rapid curing method just ten minutes or tens of minutes.

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