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Vacuum Casting (also named Polyurethane Casting) is an ideal manufacturing process for low volume production and the soft plastic part that could not be CNC milled. Firstly, put a master model made by CNC machining or SLA into a box and then pour the liquid debubbling silicone rubber into the box till completely covering the master model, after the heating and solidifying of the silicone rubber in oven, split the silicone rubber and take out the master model to form the silicone rubber tooling.

Vacuum Casting process delivers not only economic benefits for small batches of plastic parts, also the wide range of casting materials including ABS, Polycarbonate (PC), Acrylic (PMMA), Polypropylene (PP), soft TPE, etc. also directly carries the desired surface finishing (color, texture, gloss) in the soft tooling cavity without the time-consuming post production finishing. The silicone rubber tooling could normally cast 10-25 parts, depending on the casting resin and part geometry. At Honkia, the vacuum casting materials we used are imported from Hei-Cast (Japan) and Axson (France) for their well-controlled material shrinkage and debubbling.

Part of Heicast and Axson casting resins we have used:

Polyurethane Casting Hei-Cast 8150: similar ABS, white/black/beige, fast solidified;
Hei-Cast 8263: similar ABS, milky white, flame retardant;
Hei-Cast 8400: similar Rubber, black/withe, hardness shore A 20-90;
Hei-Cast T0387: similar Rubber, transparent, hardness shore A 30-80;
Hei-Cast 8570: similar PP, black/white, tunable elasticity;
Hei-Cast 8015: similar ABS, transparent;
Hei-Cast 8752: similar PC, transparent;
Hei-Cast 8743: similar PMMA, transparent.

Axson PX5212: similar PMMA, high transparent, UV aging resistant;
Axson PX5210: similar PMMA, transparent, UV aging resistant, high-temperature resistant;
Axson PX527: similar PC, transparent, high shock resistant;
Axson PX223: similar ABS, black, high-temperature resistant, erosion resistant;
Axson UP6160: similar ABS, translucent, high-temperature resistance, high casting tolerance;
Axson UP5690: similar PP, black/white, high strength and extensibility;
Axson 4280: similar ABS, black/white/of white, high-temperature resistance, easy coloration.

Silicone rubber mold and vacuum casting

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