1. Unless otherwise noted, all new customers must prepay 50% payment to start the production for the first three orders, and pay up the 50% balance when order finished to deliver the goods, then we can consider the possibility of 30 days credit to customers. For tooling project, all customers, including the 30 days credit available, must prepay 50% tooling cost to start the project, and pay up the tooling balance once its testing sample approved.

2. The update of quoting content before or during the manufacturing process may change the cost and/or lead time of the order. The quote validity time is 30 days since its provision date, the cost and/or lead time may change if the quote is out of its validity time.

3. Unless otherwise specified, the tooling is the manufacturing tool and will be not deliverable, and will be disposed of at our discretion if it is unused over two years. For the silicone rubber tooling, it may be disposed of if it is unused over one month.

4. The part will be deemed qualified if without the claims of non-compliance in writing by customer within 7 days of the receipt of the part. The final confirmation of the claims of non-compliance must be made by Honkia and the customer together.

5. For the colored, textured and/or other specific surface finishing requirements, Honkia Prototype will do the best and try what can be reasonably done to meet these requirements and/or the sample reference provided by customers. It is very difficult to 100% match the required standard and/or sample reference.

6. For the fitting and working prototypes, customers are maybe requested to provide the 3D assembly drawings to help avoid the possibility of infeasible assembling testing caused by the prototype manufacturing convention, such as the CNC milled inner round corner that sometimes must be straight to test the fitting and/or functionality.

7. Honkia Prototype will do what can be reasonably done to meet the tolerance requirements by customers, the parts or prototypes could not be deemed unqualified if not all tolerances are met but they do work well for the purpose.

8. Honkia Prototype is not liable for the delay, damage, cancel, and/or can-not-manufacture of the order, which is caused by the force majeure, such as fire, flood, storm, earthquake, strike, riot, war, transportation accident, public health quarantine, government restrictions, etc. We will advise the customer within 24 hours in case of force majeure happened.

9. Honkia Prototype does not assume liability for the ownership dispute of the existing intellectual property, including but not limited to, patent and copyright infringement.

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