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Electropolishing Sheet Metal Parts

Project Overview:

Manufacturing Process: Sheet Metal Fabrication
Material: Stainless Steel 316 (SS 316)
Surface Finishing: Deburring, Electropolishing
Part Dimensions: 2091 × 95 × 19 mm (Thickness: 0.5 mm)
Quantity: 510 Units
Lead Time: 15 Days

The long length & thin thickness had this sheet metal parts electropolished only one by one in electropolishing tank at low electric current intensity, this considerably raised electropolishing cost and time. Generally, one tank electropolished several or more parts simultaneously at electric current as high as possible to save the electropolishing cost and time.
Laser cutting the parts. Laser cutting was usually the first step for sheet metal parts fabrication, a good laser cutting delivered not only the tight tolerance as well as minimum burrs and high productivity.
Bending Sheet Metal PartsHigh precision bending the parts. Bending was the key step for sheet metal parts fabrication, too big or too small dimensions brought the difficulty to bend the sheet metal parts quickly, precisely and safely.
high precision sheet metal partsThe laser cut and bent parts prior to electropolishing. Electropolishing sent the pleasant high gloss and excellent cleanness for metal parts, which had electropolished parts looked high quality and more attractive.
The electropolishing quality of inside. It was a challenge to get the inside electropolishing quality as good as the outside one for this part, however customer was satisfied with the inside quality we achieved.

 The electropolishing quality of final parts for shipping. From the reflections of other objects on these electropolished sheet metal parts, and compared with the raw parts of none electropolishing, the electropolishing finishing brought the aesthetic and attractive appearance for the parts.

At Honkia, we not only make parts economically, also package and ship parts economically to save shipping cost for customers, we believe that the growth and success of customers also bring growth and success to us.