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Low Volume Manufacturing Aluminum Parts

Project Overview:

Manufacturing Process: CNC Machining
Material: Aluminum 6061-T6
Surface Finishing: Sanding, Anodizing Silver, Logo Silk-screening
Part Tolerance: ± 0.05 mm
Quantity: 200 Units
Lead Time: 20 Days

Customer was an America based company specializing in designing the products in home automation systems. This was the first time for customer to use Made in China to save cost and time for their products that used to be made in Japan or South Korea, so customer stressed the importance of quality back and forth before prototype and volume production.
CNC Aluminum Machining   Project Difficulty:

The thin wall thickness 1.0 mm and big dimensions (L×W×H) 260×160×8 mm brought  the difficulty of keeping shape stability during CNC milling. To ensure the consistent tight tolerance and stable shape, two aluminum fixtures were milled to assist the low volume CNC milling.
CNC Aluminum Milled PartsCNC milled aluminum parts. Total 15 cutting tools of diameters ranging from 0.4 to 10.0 mm were used for the whole milling process. The cutting lines on outside surface were removed by hands sanding.
Aluminum Sanded and Anodized PartsThe sanded and anodized silver parts. The anodizing finishing provided not only the aesthetic feeling and corrosion resistance as well as the stronger adhesion to other coatings, such as the Logo silk-screening ink.
The Logo and Text silk-screened parts. To ensure strong adhesion of the silk-screened ink to parts, hardening agent was mixed to ink, then the silk-screened ink was heated to 100 centigrade degree for 10 minutes in oven.
Assembly TestingThe assembly testing with the Middle Frame part made of plastic ABS+PC Injection Molded. This two parts worked together as intended.

The finished and packaged parts for delivery. Before shipping the parts, each part went through strict quality inspection in tolerance, shape, fitting and finishing, the substandard ones were sorted out for repair or remake, photos and quality inspection report were provided as per request.

What Customer Said to Us:

"It is comfortable to work with you, all of us are happy for the awesome job you did, this will help us to grow bigger and faster, we will send you more works in future, please keep the consistent quality and service".
  Packaged Parts for Delivery