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Rapid Appearance Prototype Manufacturing

Project Overview:

Rapid Prototype Process: CNC Machining
Prototype Material: Clear PMMA (acrylic), ABS, Standard Components
Surface Finishing: Mirror Polishing, Painting, Silk-screening, UV Coating
Quantity: 50 Units
Lead Time: 15 Days

This smart product was developed by a top internet company in China to improve the driving experience and safety by recording driving information and alarming in case of emergency or error. Customer had big expectation for the prototypes and wanted them to perform and more importantly look as intended as possible, so surface finishing was the key challenge.
Project Challenge:

The multiple surface finishings of painting, mirror polishing, silk-screening, UV coating required excellent surface finishing capabilities, also the strong attention to each detail that would affect the final appearance quality.

Rapid CNC Prototyping:

CNC machining the Top and Bottom Covers made of clear acrylic (PMMA) that would be mirror polished and UV coated. The smooth milled surface reduced mirror polishing time. The cutting feed and speed of milling acrylic were different to mill other plastics since its high brittleness.
  CNC Acrylic Machining
CNC Machined PMMA PartsCNC milled and semi-polished PMMA Covers. Since the high brittleness and thin wall thickness, it must be very careful to hand polish these milled PMMA Coveres to prevent the probably crack or smash.
CNC Milled ABS PartsCNC ABS milled and assembled middle frames. PCB & other components were placed inside the middle frames covered by PMMA Covers. Surface finishings for middle frames were sanding, painting and silk-screening.
Rapid Appearance PrototypeThe finished prototypes for delivery. The final surface finishing of UV coating to PMMA covers delivered the glossy appearance also a good protection to prevent the clear PMMA covers from scratches.
Appearance Prototype ManufacturingThe majority of exported prototypes made in China were functional ones for fitting test, a few prototypes were delivered without the final surface finishing though it could be also well done together. At Honkia, our surface finishing quality was impressive and sometimes exceeded expectations.