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Rapid Product Prototype Manufacturing

Project Overview:

Rapid Prototyping Process: CNC Machining
Prototyping Material: ABS, Polyoxymethylene (POM)
Surface Finishing: Painting, Polishing, Chrome Plating, Silk-screening
Quantity: 1 Piece
Lead Time: 7 Days

Customer specialized in developing kitchenware products, from Chongqing city, China. This prototype was made for presentation in exhibition to show this new product before volume production by injection molding. Customer had high quality expectations for the finished prototype that had to perform and more importantly look like the end product as close as possible.
How the Prototype Was Made:

CNC precision milled ABS and POM components. Compared to additive manufacturing techniques for rapid prototyping, CNC had advantages of target & cheap materials, tight tolerance & smooth milled surface, so CNC parts delivered more reliable verification on mechanism and strength, also usually the lower cost, this allowed CNC to be the prime rapid prototyping technique in China especially for functional prototypes.
  CNC milled mechanical parts
rapid mechanical prototype Fitting test of the milled components. To save CNC prototyping cost and time, the complex part was usually split into simple pieces to be milled respectively then glued together to form the part, such as the ABS tube.
mechanical prototype manufacturingAssembling test with components offered from customer. To discover the potential fitting issues as early as possible, the assembling test was done accordingly and offered reasonable solution in case of necessity.
high gloss chrome plated prototypeThe high gloss chrome plating finishing. This finishing delivered attractive aesthetic feeling also abrasion and corrosion resistance, different colors could be plated, such as gold, silver, bronze, blue, purple, etc.
rapid prototype manufacturingWhat customer said to the prototype: "This is what we exactly expect and the reason why choose you for this product prototyping job, the other suppliers can make functional prototypes well, but the appearance quality is usually not what we expect, thank you all for the great job done."