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Reaction Injection Molded Low Volume Parts

Project Overview:

Manufacturing Process: Reaction Injection Molding (RIM), M6 Insert
Molding Material: Polyurethane (Hei-Cast 8636-75)
Tooling Material: Epoxy Resin, Silicone Rubber
Part Dimensions: 743 × 512 × 315 mm (Weight: 6.12 KG)
Quantity & Lead Time: 50 Units, 25 Days

Reaction Injection Molding (RIM) had the core advantage of extremely competitive tooling, another benefit was molding different wall thicknesses with no shrink marks, thus our RIM process was an ideal solution to manufacturing low volume large plastic parts economically and quickly.
Reaction Injection Molded Parts 1Our RIM mold cost just a fraction of its relative steel mold used for mass production, and took usually 2 weeks for fabrication instead of a couple of months, the silicone rubber pieces were replaced after usually 100 shots.
The fairly low viscosity of the molding material delivered high molding flowability, which allowed for low injection molding pressure & temperature.
Being similar to conventional injection molding, 4 stainless steel M6 nuts were inserted and molded, overmolding was also available for our RIM.
Reaction Injection Molded Parts 2Different wall thicknesses of 5/7/10/20 mm were molded to this part, there were not shrink marks on the much thicker walls, this was another benefit of our RIM, which brought more possibilities to the part design.
Cheap & Rapid Tooling, Fast Turnaround and Good Quality had more and more low volume large plastic parts manufactured by our RIM process.
Each part was cleaned well to remove the residues and then packaged in the custom wooden box to have a safe and economical transportation.