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Reaction Injection Molding Bumper Prototype

Project Overview:

Manufacturing Process: Reaction Injection Molding (RIM)
Tooling Material: Epoxy Resin, Silicone Rubber, Steel Frame
Molding Material: Hei-Cast 8636-75A (Black) and 8636-B
Manufacturing Tolerance: ± 0.2/100 mm
Quantity: 20 Units
Lead Time: 18 days

Customer was an automotive design and engineering company based in USA, wanted to test the impact and high temperature resistance of this bumper by low volume prototypes. Customer was new to RIM technique and found that it was a proper and economical solution for this project, then started the first batch of low volume production of 20 units.
Reaction Injection Molding Factory China   The Core Advantage of Our Reaction Injection Molding:

The RIM tooling made of epoxy resin, silicone rubber, steel frame. Being similar to make silicone rubber mold for vacuum casting, a master model was also used to make the RIM tooling. The very low viscosity of reaction injection molding material delivered the very low injection molding pressure and temperature that allowed the low tooling performance, so our RIM toolings could be usually made as quick and economical as possible.
RIM ToolingThe closed RIM tooling. Being different to injection molding techniques of high tooling locking force used, the low molding pressure and temperature allowed low locking force for RIM tooling, usually simple clamps were Ok.
Reaction Injection Molded PartThe reaction injection molded bumper prototype. It usually took 2-3 hours (depending on the part size and volume) to complete one RIM part from closing tooling to opening tooling and taking out the molded part.

The Surface Finishing of RIM Parts:

The surface finishing usually took majority of RIM part cost as well as its production time, this was why our RIM technique is not proper for the projects of production quantity over 200 units as the expensive finishing cost will considerably offset the price advantage of the tooling.

RIM Expert in China:

We are respected in RIM industry in China for our dedication to provide quality RIM material, cheap and rapid tooling, fast turnaround to clients. The RIM service we send out to global market are quick, economical and quality that are proven by customers, especially from automobile field.
  RIM Bumper Prototype