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Reaction Injection Molding Large Parts

Project Overview:

Manufacturing Process: Reaction Injection Molding (RIM), M6 Insert
Molding Material: Polyurethane PU (Hei-Cast 8636-75)
Tooling Material: Epoxy Resin, Silicone Rubber, Steel
Part Dimensions: 743 × 512 × 315 mm (thickness: 5/7/10/20 mm)
Quantity & Lead Time: 60 Units, 25 Days

This Engine Casing was originally manufactured by sheet metal fabrication with lots of bending and welding. To save production cost well, customer modified part design to have it Reaction Injection Molded. No shrink marks on the molded parts though thick and various wall thicknesses.
Reaction Injection Molding Parts 1.jpgThe silicone rubber pieces of our RIM mold would be free replaced by fresh ones after usually 100 shots to get finally total 500-1000 shots.
Reaction Injection Molding Parts 2.jpgSince the unique injection molding system, our RIM process worked fine for manufacturing the large and heavy parts with various wall thicknesses.
Reaction Injection Molding Parts 3.jpgWide surface finishing options were available for our RIM parts, such as:sandblasting, painting (color, gloss, texture), silkscreening, etc.
Our RIM parts had the excellent size stability, the general tolerance of our reaction injection molding process was ± 0.2/100 mm or ± 0.5 mm.
Reaction Injection Molding Parts 5.jpgLarge size, complex design, various wall thicknesses, high durability, good flexibility, low volume production were the great features of our RIM parts.
Reaction Injection Molding Parts 6.jpgWe always paid high attention to packaging the parts well to ensure a safe and economical shipping though sometimes this was not an easy job.