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Sheet Metal Parts Fabrication China

Project Overview:

Manufacturing Process: Laser Cutting and Bending
Material: Stainless Steel 316 (SS 316)
Surface Finishing: Deburring & Electropolishing
Part Dimensions: 2091 × 95 × 19 mm (Thickness: 0.5 mm)
Quantity & Lead Time: 510 Units, 15 Days

Customer was a Canada based company offering farming systems. The inside electropolishing quality being as good as the outside one for this part was the challenge of this project. Long length & thin thickness considerably raised electropolishing time and cost as well as the production.
Laser cutting the stainless steel 316 parts. Proper laser cutting speed could minimize or eliminate the cut burrs that had to be removed manually.
Precision bending the parts. The long length and thin thickness required more labor and high attention to bend this part precisely and safely.
electropolished SS316 Sheet Metal PartsThe electropolished parts for packaging. From reflections of other objects on these parts, the electropolishing had the parts looked more beautiful.
Laser cut and bent parts without electropolishing. The long length and thin thickness had the parts electropolished only one by one in the tank.

sheet metal parts China Packaging the sheet metal parts for delivery. How to package these long and thin electropolished parts for safe and economical shipping by air was not a simple job, each part was quality-checked and then well packaged in the custom wooden box to have a safe transportation.

At Honkia, we not only make parts economically, also package and ship parts economically to save shipping cost for customers, we believe that the growth and success of customers also bring growth and success to us.