Why Us
Why Us

Thanks to the years of interesting and impressive employment experience, Mr. Andy met and worked with lots of people from different nations and cultures, which let Andy clearly understand what the foreign customers exactly need, care and concern when they do business with Chinese suppliers and their business culture. The inrooted perceptions of bad quality, lagging technologies, hard communication, lack of integrity and responsibility for Chinese suppliers still made some people feel stressed to consider and try Made in China. Here is what the customers can benefit from us:

Why Honkia

Good CommunicationGood CommunicationIt is sometimes a challenge to make the idea and thought well understood by suppliers from China since language capability and industry knowledge. At Honkia, our sales engineers speak and write fluent English, accumulate abundant prototyping and manufacturing knowledge, so we could respond to designers or engineers quickly and clearly.
Economical CostEconomical CostRapid custom manufacturing is a labor intensive industry demanding substantial manpower that takes majority of the manufacturing cost. Cheap and rich labor force in China is a great competitive advantage for us, and our pricing is normally half or one third of the western suppliers.
Fast DeliveryFast DeliveryWorking in a fast paced industry, we know the necessity of fast delivery time for customers to accelerate product development and win market. With 24/7 running of our production facilities, working hard and smart of our manufacturing team, we could provide the lead time as soon as possible.
Quality AssuranceQuality AssuranceThe top concern of global customers for Made In China is the Quality besides the cost, we know this clearly. From material selection to process application, part tolerance to appearance, surface finishing to assembly function, packaging for shipping to delivery on time, we pay strong attention to each detail to ensure the consistently high quality for our customers.
Strict ConfidentialityStrict ConfidentialityWe do understand the importance of IP rights protection, and sign Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) as per request. We disclose only necessary information only to the necessary employee or third party that also bound the same NDA obligations to us. All photos information presented in this site is out of NDA limitation and already known in public.
Great Customer ServiceExcellent Customer ServiceCustomer satisfaction is our top priority, when customers are not sure which is the right and better solution for their project, such as material selection, technology application, budget control, etc. we offer reasonable advises and strong technical support to help customers in right direction and bring tremendous time and cost saving quickly, this is the source of our confidence.

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