Low Volume Production

Low Volume Production

When production volume does not justify the expensive tooling cost and have to put the products to market as soon as possible to save the time, Low Volume Production is an ideal solution to meet the requirements. At Honkia, we have completed diverse low volume production projects through CNC Machining, Vacuum Casting, Reaction Injection Molding and Rapid Tooling that deliver economical cost and fast turnaround benefits, and the quality surface finishing processes at Honkia allow us to make the parts not only work, also look and feel like the end products.

Low Volume Manufacturing & Prototyping is a fast growing area of low production cost and quick deliveries being important. Today’s product trends from companies are to have more new products and release them into market quickly to keep competitive and get more market share, these products are normally highly customized and filling more niche markets. Therefore, the products are quickly updated to the next iteration to put "NEW" products in the hands of customers and market, this new trend of product development and manufacturing has made the product lower in quantity, fast in delivery, but usually higher in margin.

Taking the advantages of cheap labor cost in China and 24/7 running of our production facilities, working hard and smart of our team, we can deliver the quick, economical and quality low volume production services for customers worldwide.

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