Reaction Injection Molding

Reaction Injection Molding

Reaction Injection Molding (RIM, also named Low-Pressure Injection Molding in China) is an ideal addition to the conventional injection molding processes for the low volume manufacturing and prototyping of the big plastic parts at economical cost and short cycle time. Firstly, the molding material bi-component polyurethanes are injected into the mixer at certain amount ratio and then mixed well by the mixer, then the mixture is injected into the mold cavity at room temperature to form the part.

One of the most remarkable features for reaction injection molding process is the much lower material viscosity compared to the conventional injection molding ones, low material viscosity takes excellent material flowability that greatly reduces the injection molding force and temperature, which allows for the lower tooling performance, and our RIM toolings are normally made of Aluminum, ABS, Epoxy resin and Silicone Rubber in stead of the rigid and costly ferrous metal.

Reaction Injection Molding factory China

Although the RIM tooling usually looks different and not as strong as the conventional injection molding mold for high volume production, its manufacturing cost and time are just a fraction of the conventional ones, and its tooling capability is well competent for the low volume manufacturing, so RIM process is a great option for the low volume manufacturing and/or prototyping of the big plastic parts, such as the automotive bumper, medical device cover, protective shell, etc.

Reaction Injection Molded Part

We are respected in the RIM industry in China because of our dedication to provide quality reaction injection molding material (imported from Hei-Cast Japan), cheap and rapid tooling (normally made of Epoxy and Silicone Rubber) and fast turnaround to the clients. The reaction injection molding services we send out to the global market are quick, economical and quality that are proven by the professionals in this area and the customers used our service, especially from automotive field. We are always looking forward to doing more and better for customers by our continuously improving RIM experience and expertise.

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