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CNC machined and anodized aluminum prototype factory China

Source: Honkia Prototype   Published: 2016-06-03   Views: 686

CNC Machining was the dominant rapid prototyping process in China for its target and economical material, tight tolerance and large building size though the Additive Manufacturing (AM) technologies fast advanced and widely used around the world, especially in western countries. Aluminum CNC machining was a mature manufacturing process in China and was widely applied for both prototype manufacturing and mass production since last two decades.

CNC milled aluminum prototypeCNC machined aluminum prototype

These CNC machined and anodized aluminum prototypes we manufactured were developed by a design company, actually they were not only the prototypes, but also the end products for market promotion and sales, thus the quality was very important. Before the low volume production of those products, we had manufactured three rounds of prototypes for both mechanism testing and design improvement.

aluminum anodized blacksilk-screened and anodized parts

The material we used was high quality aluminum 6061-T6 as the material property would affect the aluminum anodizing quality, also a good aluminum anodizing shop was necessary to get high anodizing quality. The surface finishing included: Sanding, Sandblasting, Anodizing and Silk-screening.

prototype assemblyaluminum prototypes

From material selection, CNC machining, sanding to aluminum anodizing and silk-screening, we paid strong attention to every detail at every step and the final quality was remarkable since we say what we do and do it at best if doing it.

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