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Sheet Metal Fabrication

sheet metal fabrication factory

Sheet Metal Fabrication forms sheet metal into intended structure by cutting, punching, bending, stretching and welding. Sheet metal parts have features of light weight, high strength, fast delivery, low production cost, great preference of low & middle volume manufacturing. Sheet metal parts are widely used in the industries of Health Care, Telecommunications, Household Appliance, Automobile, Electronics, Agriculture, etc.

Bending is the primary step for sheet metal parts fabrication, that directly affects the part's tolerance as well as appearance and performance. The features of sheet metal bending should be well considered during designing the parts to have them fabricated at tight tolerance, stable dimensions, good performance and high productivity. Taking over two decades of sheet metal fabrication experience allows us to offer free and efficient suggestions when necessary to help fabricate the parts economically and quickly.

At Honkia, we have delivered sheet metal fabrication service to global customers in Medical Devices, Electronics, Consumer products, Kitchenware, HVAC, Automobile and Construction. The sizes of sheet metal parts range from a small washer and bracket, to midsize enclosures of household appliance, and to large automobile bumpers. The worldwide customers can benefit from our cheap, fast and strong sheet metal fabrication capabilities.