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Compression Molding Silicone Rubber Parts

Project Overview:

Manufacturing Process: Compression Molding
Molding Material: Translucent Silicone Rubber, Hardness Shore A 60
Part Tolerance: ± 0.1 mm
Quantity: 5000 Units
Lead Time: 15 Days

Customer was an America based company designing consumer products for home & office applications. This part was made to prevent covered product from shock, abrasion and dirt. Considering quantity, Compression Molding was the ideal process for rapid & cheap tooling, fast turnaround.
silicone rubber parts productionBeing different to injection molding techniques, the raw material was weight measured, fusing preheated, and manually placed on heated mold cavities directly in form of usually sheet to be compression molded.
silicone rubber parts manufacturingThe compression molded parts. Since the different molding and demolding systems, compression molded parts eliminated the marks of injection gate and ejector pin that were the nature of injection molding techniques.
parts to be silicone rubber parts coveredThe ABS injection molded products to be covered by this silicone rubber parts. We offered crucial design optimization to improve the mechanism of this product that was made by us as well.
silicone rubber cover partsHardness and fitting test. Compression molded samples of hardness Shore A 40/60/80 were tested by customer, and Shore A 60 was preferred.

compression molded silicone rubber parts.jpg Compression Molding specialized in making rubber parts with hardness ranging from Shore A 20 to 90, it delivered the benefits of rapid & cheap tooling, simple demolding, high productivity, no shrinkage, no marks of injection gate and ejector pin. Insert molding and overmolding were also available for compression molding as well as coloration and texturing.