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Honkia Prototype Limited
We specialize in Rapid Prototyping & Low Volume Production to bring cost and time saving from product prototype to production. Our rapid manufacturing techniques include: CNC Machining, SLA/SLS, Vacuum Casting, Plastic Injection Molding, Sheet Metal Fabrication, Reaction Injection Molding.

At Honkia, we not only make prototypes and parts, also help customers in right direction to save money and time. Our sales engineers have qualified engineering knowledge ...More
  • Good Communication. Our sales engineers speak and write fluent English, also have strong engineering background and expertise in product prototypeMore
  • Economical Cost. Rapid custom manufacturing is a labor intensive service that the labor takesMore
  • Fast Delivery. Working in a fast paced industry to put products into market or ideas into reality quickMore
  • Quality Assurance. Quality is our top priority, we do know customers care it, especially for MadeMore
  • Great Service. Customer experience is our final purpose. We not only make the parts, also helpMore
Reaction Injection Molding Bumper Prototypes
Customer was an automotive design and engineering company in USA, wanted to test impact and high temperature resistance of this bumper by low volume rapid prototypes. Though customer was new to our RIMMore