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Electropolished Stainless Steel Parts

Project Overview:

Material: Stainless Steel 316 (SS 316)
Dimensions: 2091 × 95 × 19 mm (Thickness: 0.5 mm)
Surface Finishing: Deburring, Electropolishing
Manufacturing Process: Laser Cutting & Bending
Quantity & Lead Time: 510 Units, 15 Days

Electropolishing brought two benefits for metal parts, one was glossy appearance by minimizing surface stains or minor scratches, another was corrosion resistance by eliminating surface blemishes to prevent moisture leading to corrosion. It also improved surface adhesion to other coatings.

Laser cutting the stainless steel parts. How thin the sheet metal material, how fast the laser cutting speed, and how simple to control the cut burrs.
Laser cut and bent stainless steel partsThe laser cut and bent parts. The long length and thin thickness required more labor and high attention to bend these part precisely and safely.
Comparison of raw and electropolished parts by video. The electropolished parts presented noticeable high glossy and pleasant appearance.
The inside electropolishing quality. Since the nature of this process, It was not easy to get the inside electropolishing quality as good as the outside one, however customer was satisfied with the inside quality.

electropolished stainless steel 316 parts Packaging the electropolished stainless steel 316 parts for shipping by air. The international shipping cost by air for large and heavy parts was a big budget for customers to purchase Made in China, so we had our packaging safe for transportation as well as economical for shipping.

At Honkia, we not only make parts economically, also package and ship parts economically to save shipping cost for customers, we believe that the growth and success of customers also bring growth and success to us.