Rapid Custom ManufacturingRapid Custom Manufacturing

Rapid Tooling & Plastic Injection Molded Parts

Project Overview:

Manufacturing Process: Rapid Tooling & Plastic Injection Molding
Tooling Material: Mold Steel NAK 80
Molding Material: Fire Retardant PC+ABS
Quantity: 1000 Units
Lead Time: 25 Days

Customer was an America based company specializing in developing products in home appliance. Considering quantity, consistent quality, cost saving, rapid tooling and injection molding was ideal process. We offered suggestions to improve the fitting and reduce manufacturing cost.
EDM tooling coreElectrical Discharge Machining (EDM) the tooling core. EDM was usually used to make the CNC milled round corners to straight or sharp ones as well as the complex features that were out of CNC milling capability.
tooling coreThe CNC and EDM milled tooling core prior to texturing. The two parts were put into one tooling with one cavity of each one to reduce cost and time of tooling fabrication as well as injection molding.
insert moldingPlacing M2 brass nut for insert molding. Customer was new to injection molding technique, so we offered free and necessary design optimizations to place M2 nut well also improve the parts fitting.
plastic injection molded partsThe injection molded parts. Part to be injection molded had to be designed well to facilitate its production for low cost and better fitting & appearance.