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Reaction Injection Molding

Reaction Injection Molding (RIM, also named Low-Pressure Injection Molding) is an ideal process to low volume manufacture the large and complex plastic parts quickly and economically. Firstly, the liquid material bi-component polyurethanes are injected into a mixer at certain amount ratio and meanwhile mixed well by the mixer, then the mixture is injected into the rapid tooling cavity at room temperature and low pressure to form the part.

The most remarkable feature of our RIM process is the fairly low material viscosity of bi-component polyurethanes, low viscosity delivers high material flowability that allows for the low injection molding temperature and pressure, which brings the feasibility of low tooling performance. So our RIM toolings are mostly made of epoxy resin and silicone rubber (sometimes aluminum or ABS) instead of the mold steel.

The core advantage of our RIM process is the extremely competitive tooling price, the disadvantage is the part cost since expensive material and surface finishing. Which means more big the size and complex the design for the part, more competitive the RIM tooling cost, this is why our RIM is very proper for low volume manufacturing the large and complex parts, such as automobile bumpers, large housings, etc.

reaction injection molded parts

We are respected in RIM industry in China, the RIM service we send out to global market are quick, economical and quality that are proven by the customers used our service, especially from automobile field. We look forward to doing more and better by our continuously improving RIM expertise and experience.