Sheet Metal Fabrication

Sheet Metal Fabrication

Sheet metal fabrication China

Sheet Metal Fabrication is a manufacturing process that shape the sheet metal (normally thickness under 6 mm) into the desired part through the cutting, bending, stretching and welding. The sheet metal part has the features of light weight, high strength, low production cost and excellent mass production performance. This manufacturing process is widely used in Electronics, Telecommunications, Automobile, Medical Devices, etc.

Laser cutting sheet metal

At Honkia, we have offered cheap and quality sheet metal fabrication service to customers in Electronics, Telecommunications, Kitchenware, Medical Devices, Consumer products, HVAC, Automobile, Aerospace, and Construction. The size of sheet metal parts range from a small washer and bracket, to midsize enclosures of household appliance, and to large automobile bumpers. Worldwide customers can benefit from our fast and strong sheet metal fabrication capability.

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