Rapid Custom ManufacturingRapid Custom Manufacturing

ABS Milled and Chrome Plated Prototypes

Project Overview:

Rapid Prototyping Process: CNC Machining
Prototype Material: ABS
Surface Finishing: Sanding, Mirror Polishing, Chrome Plating
Quantity: 8 sets of totally 56 pcs
Lead Time: 5 Days

This was an urgent project from an engineering design company in New Delhi, India. Customer requested to have prototypes on his hands within 7 days including shipping before our upcoming CNY holidays. We worked intensively to finish this order in time without compromise of quality.

CNC ABS prototypingRapid CNC ABS prototyping. Each prototype was CNC milled as fine as possible to get the tight tolerance and smooth milled surface that could help considerably reduce the hands sanding & polishing time.
ABS milled prototypesThe CNC milled ABS prototypes prior to surface finishing. CNC milled prototypes delivered more reliable strength and mechanical verifications.
Rapid ABS prototypesHands sanded and polished prototypes. To get high quality chrome plating finishing, the milled prototypes had to be mirror polished well since any blemish on part surface would be more visible when chrome plating done.
high gloss chrome plated prototypesThe finished prototypes for delivery. The hands sanding & polishing cost majority of time and price for this project, this was why prototypes cost very much more than products made by usually injection molding.