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Vacuum Casting

Vacuum Casting (Polyurethane Casting) specializes in low volume production and making rubber parts that could not be CNC milled. Firstly, place a master model made by CNC or SLA into a box, then pour debubbled liquid silicone rubber into the box to fully cover master model, after that cure liquid silicone rubber by heating, finally split the cured silicone rubber and take out master model to get the silicone rubber mold for vacuum casting.

Vacuum Casting Service

Vacuum Casting delivers the benefits of rapid & cheap tooling, wide material options, intended surface finishing (color, texture, gloss). One silicone tooling injects 10-25 shots depending on part design and material, and casting tolerance ±0.15/100 mm. At Honkia, we use vacuum casting material imported from Hei-Cast (Japan) and Axson (France) for the properties of well-controlled shrinkage and debubbling.

The Hei-Cast and Axson Vacuum Casting Resins We Have Used:

Hei-Cast 8150: ABS, white/black/beige, fast solidified;
Hei-Cast 8263: ABS, milky white, flame retardant;
Hei-Cast 8400: Rubber, black/withe, hardness shore A 20-90;
Hei-Cast T0387: Rubber, transparent, hardness shore A 30-80;
Hei-Cast 8570: PP, black/white, tunable elasticity;
Hei-Cast 8015: ABS, transparent;
Hei-Cast 8752: PC, transparent;
Hei-Cast 8743: PMMA, transparent.
  Polyurethane Casting

Axson PX5212: PMMA, high transparent, UV aging resistant;
Axson PX5210: PMMA, transparent, UV aging resistant, high-temperature resistant;
Axson PX527: PC, transparent, high shock resistant;
Axson PX223: ABS, black, high-temperature resistant, erosion resistant;
Axson UP6160: ABS, translucent, high-temperature resistance, high casting tolerance;
Axson UP5690: PP, black/white, high strength and extensibility;
Axson 4280: ABS, black/white/of white, high-temperature resistance, easy coloration.

Silicone Tooling and Vacuum Casting