Rapid Custom ManufacturingRapid Custom Manufacturing

High Precision Sheet Metal Parts

Project Overview:

Material: Stainless Steel 304 (SS 304), Thickness 3.5 mm, Brushed
Manufacturing Process: Laser Cutting & Bending, Welding
Surface Finishing: Deburring, Threading M5, Sanding
Quantity: 345 Units
Lead Time: 18 Days

Customer was from Canada and ordered those sheet metal parts for their mechanical systems. Rapid prototype prior to low volume production was made to test the manufacturing capability, particularly bending tolerance.
Precision Laser Cutting the Parts. The cutting speed was set properly to eliminate or minimize the cut burrs that were removed manually.
Precision Bending the Parts. Seamless alignment of the three bent up sides required high precision laser cutting as well as bending.
precision sheet metal partsBent Parts prior to Welding the Straight Corners. Different corner angles could be bent well, our bending tolerance was around ± 0.1 mm.
precision sheet meal parts manufacturingWelded and Cleaned Parts. All part surfaces were cleaned by removing the laser cut and weld splatters as well as the grease and residues.
precision sheet meal parts fabricationPackaged Parts for Shipping. Since heavy weight, parts were delivered by sea to save shipping cost, which cost time about 25 days.
precision sheet meal parts fabricationWe provide sheet metal fabrication service economically & quickly, surface finishings include: Painting, Powder Coating, Silk-screening, etc.