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Surface Finishing

The majority of exported prototypes made in China is functional ones for fitting test, a few visual ones are delivered without final surface finishing though it could be also well done here. Besides common finishings of hands sanding, polishing and beadblasting, we also provide more other finishings: Painting (Color, Gloss, Texture, Rubber), Vapor Polishing, Chrome Plating, Vacuum Plating, UV Coating, Silk-screening, Powder Coating, Laser Engraving, Anodizing, Hard Anodizing, Electropolishing, Brushing, etc. The strong surface finishing capabilities at Honkia allow us to make the prototypes and parts not only perform also look and feel as intended as possible.

We finished a variety of visual prototypes using multiple surface finishings, some were for product presentation in exhibition, some were end products for market sales. The impressive surface finishing quality helped us stand out from competitors and was the source of our confidence to win customers and market.

Texture & Color Painting Prototyping Material:

Surface Finishing:
Sanding, Texture & Matt White Painting

Aluminum Brushing, Anodizing, Silkscreening Prototyping Material:
Aluminum 6061-T6

Surface Finishing:
Brushing, Anodizing Silver, Silkscreening

Chrome Plating & Laser Engraving Prototyping Material:
Polycarbonate (PC)

Surface Finishing:
Mirror Polishing, High Gloss Chrome Plating, Laser Engraving, UV Coating

Glossy & Matte Colors Painting Prototyping Material:
Clear PMMA (acrylic), ABS

Surface Finishing:
Colors Matching & Painting, Polishing Silkscreening, UV Coating

Aluminum Anodizing & Silkscreening Prototyping Material:
Aluminum 6061-T6

Surface Finishing:
Anodizing Black and Red, Silkscreening