Rapid Custom ManufacturingRapid Custom Manufacturing


Why Us

Over ten years of experience in working with global people from different countries and cultures, we are clear what the worldwide customers need, care and expect when they do business with China, and do know what could and should be done for Made in China to better work with and serve the people who purchase from China. We think forward and do something different, customers could benefit from us as below:

Why Honkia

  • Good CommunicationAt Honkia, our sales engineers speak and write fluent English, also have strong engineering background and expertise in product prototyping to production, which allow us to communicate and work with worldwide customers clearly.
  • Economical CostRapid Custom Manufacturing is a labor intensive service that the labor takes majority of the price. The cheap & abundant labor in China brings great advantage for this service from here. Our price is usually half of the western or more lower.
  • Fast DeliveryWorking in a fast paced industry to put products into market or ideas into reality quickly, our production facility running 24/7, our team work hard and smart to fast respond to customers, so we can finish the parts as soon as possible.
  • Quality AssuranceQuality is our top priority, we do know customers care it, especially for Made In China. From material to production, finishing to tolerance, appearance to function, packaging to shipping, we do best all the time to ensure the consistent high quality.
  • Strict ConfidentialityWe know the importance of IP rights protection, and respect the Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) signed to protect the confidential information. We disclose only necessary information to third party that also bind the same NDA obligations to us.
  • Great ServiceCustomer experience is our final purpose. We not only make the parts, also help customers in right direction to save money and time, we do believe the customer's success and growth bring also the success and growth to us.