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How Automation Helps the Sheet Metal Fabrication Process?Source: Honkia   Published: 2017-02-13   Views: 2792

As the technologies necessary for lights-out production become increasingly available, many factories including the manufacturing tycoon Foxconn are beginning to utilize lights-out production between shifts or as a separate shift to improve productivity or save production cost by introducing and adding the automation technology.

Since the invention and application of automation in various industrial manufacturing processes, output of goods has become quicker and more efficient. Industries that use automation include telecommunication, vehicle, aircraft, agricuture, and sheet metal fabrication, etc. Automation is a process of using various control systems for equipment to reduce or remove the hunman presence on-site. For sheet metal fabrication, automation has lead to many benefits for both producer and consumer.

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Benefits of Automation for Sheet Metal Fabrication process:
• Increase consistency of goods output
• Increase productivity
• Improve quality and predictability of quality
• Improve assembly processes
• Increase accuracy
• Decrease human presence and injury
• Beneficial for tasks beyond human capability

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The sheet metal work can cover a wide range of components such from small spring clips, mild steel angle brackets and aluminium front panels right up to stainless steel doors and galvanised steel drip trays. The sheet metal part with complex shapes and designs can also be produced by the standard sheet metal fabrication processes of laser cutting, punching, bending, stretching, and welding, etc.