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Laser Cut & Bent Stainless Steel Parts

Project Overview:

Material: Stainless Steel 304 (SS 304), Thickness 4.5 mm, Brushed
Surface Finishing: Deburring, Threading M12, Welding, Sanding
Manufacturing Tolerance: ± 0.1 mm
Quantity: 345 Units
Lead Time: 12 Days

Tolerance demand ± 0.01 mm to the CNC turned round spindle was crucial for customer's mechanical systems. The quality of welding spindle onto the laser cut & bent parts was another important point. Rapid prototype prior to low volume production was manufactured to test the capability.
Laser Cutting Stainless Steel 304 Parts. More thick the sheet metal, more slow the laser cutting speed, to avoid or reduce the cut burrs.
Bending Stainless Steel 304 Parts. The bending tolerance we usually delivered was about ± 0.1 mm as well as the laser cutting tolerance.
welded sheet metal partsThe Finished Parts. All laser cut and weld splatters, grease and oil were removed to keep part surfaces even, clean and free of any residues.
sheet metal partsPackaging Parts for Shipping. Since heavy weight, the parts were delivered by sea to save shipping cost, which cost time about 25 days.