Rapid Custom ManufacturingRapid Custom Manufacturing

Low Volume Manufacturing Aluminum Parts

Project Overview:

Manufacturing Process: CNC Machining
Material: Aluminum 6061-T6
Surface Finishing: Sanding, Anodizing Silver, Silk-screening
Quantity: 200 Units
Lead Time: 20 Days

Customer was an America company specializing in designing products in home automation systems. It was the first time for customer to use Made in China for their products that were used to be made in South Korea or Japan, customer stressed importance of quality before rapid prototyping.
Custom aluminum fixtures were used to assist milling to ensure a stable geometry since thin wall thickness 1 mm and dimensions 260×160×8 mm.
aluminum anodized and silkscreened parts 9CNC milled parts. Total 15 cutting tools were used for the whole milling process. Cutting lines on outside surface were removed by hands sanding.
aluminum anodized and silkscreened parts 7The anodized silver parts. The anodizing finishing provided surface with better adhesion to other coatings, such as the silk-screening ink.
The Logo and Text silk-screened parts. Hardening agent was mixed with the silk-screening ink to ensure a durable and lengthy adhesion.
aluminum anodized and silkscreened parts 8The assembly testing with Middle Frame made of plastic ABS+PC by Injection Molding. The two parts worked together as intended well.
packing parts for delivery.jpgThe packaged parts for shipping. Each finished part went through strict quality inspection, the substandard ones were repaired or replaced.