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Low Volume Production

When production volume does not justify the expensive tooling and have to put products into market as soon as possible, Low Volume Production by rapid custom manufacturing is an ideal solution. At Honkia, we finished various low volume production projects quickly & economically without the compromise of quality.

Low Volume Aluminum Prototypes Low Volume Plastic Prototypes Low Volume Aluminum Parts

Low Volume Production is a fast growing area of economical cost and fast delivery being important. Today's product trends from the companies are to have more new products and release them into market quickly, these products are usually high customized and quickly updated into next iteration to be "NEW" ones, so these trends have the products lower in quantity, fast in delivery, but higher in margin.

Taking advantages of cheap labor in China, 24/7 running of our production facilities, adequate manufacturing experience, working hard and smart of our team knowing how to help customers in right direction, worldwide customers could benefit from our economical, quick and quality low volume production services.

Rapid Low Volume Prototyps Low Volume PC Prototypes Low Volume ABS Prototypes