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Polyurethanes of Reaction Injection Molding TechniqueSource: Honkia   Published: 2016-06-15   Views: 1731

The material of polyurethanes for reaction injection molding is similar to general polyurethane. Reaction injection molding requires liquid material with low viscosity, good fluidity, high reactivity. Materials should be formulated into A, B two parts. Part A: polyether polyol, cross-linking agents, catalysts, blowing agents and surfactants. Part B: isocyanate or prepolymer isocyanate, blowing agents and surfactants. Place A, B two parts in material tank of injection machine, and make them in N2 atmosphere at a certain temperature to maintain the appropriate viscosity and reactivity. Inject the materials to the sealed mold by metering pump, then the mixture will rapidly polymerize and solidify.

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Polyurethanes Reaction Injection Molding Technology is the earliest developed technology that is practical to be used. With the development of economy, the production equipment and consumption all have increased. Due to the good performance, Polyurethanes Reaction Injection Molding Technology has been widely used in various fields.

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