Rapid Custom ManufacturingRapid Custom Manufacturing

Precision Turned and Milled Aluminum Parts

Project Overview:

Material: Aluminum 6061-T6
Manufacturing Process: CNC Turning, Milling
Manufacturing Tolerance: ± 0.02 mm
Surface Finishing: As Milled
Quantity and Lead Time: 3000 Units, 25 Days

This precision milled aluminum part was a component of camera tripod, three batches of prototypes were manufactured to test how it worked and looked before mass production, scratches and any other blemishes were not allowed for the milled parts prior to further surface finishing.
CNC Turned  Aluminum PartsAluminum fixtures were used to assist milling the precision turned pieces during mass production for improved quality, consistency and efficiency.
4 axis CNC milling favored this component very well. Total 10 cutting tools with different diameters were used for the whole milling process.
CNC milling brought not only tight tolerance, also high quality streamlined shining surface that played a crucial role in many industries.
Aluminum Mechanical PartsThe finished parts for fitting test. Our strong CNC machining capability had the milled parts worked and looked great, also costed economically.